Emotional Fermentation

Hi, I’m Scoby! I’m named after the Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast used as a starter in fermentation processes. For the last 5+ years, I have been embracing and embodying Scoby themes of growth, transformation, balance, alchemy, and being a catalyst for others. I love bringing together people, facilitating new experiences, and seeing what change occurs thereafter. I do this through Cuddle Parties and coaching!

Cuddle Parties

I host Cuddle Parties about once a month. These “parties” are all about communication and consent. I’m super passionate about them! They are a fun, non-sexual space to practice asking for what you want and stating your boundaries powerfully. Follow me here to learn about upcoming events.

Relationship and Intimacy Coaching

I also offer experiential relationship and intimacy coaching. Topics include:
- Embodiment
- Releasing shame
- Communicating desires
- Nurturing healthy boundaries
I am actively unlearning the idea that “other people’s emotions are more important than mine,” so I’m passionate about helping others on this journey! In sessions, I help clients unplug from worry about what other people think, and shift focus to expressing themselves with compassion and awareness.

You can book a free exploratory session over Zoom with me by emailing scobygoo at geemail... see what I did there...;)

Big love and hugs!